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Problematic Internet Use
One service The Follman Agency offers which many people might not realize is we offer support for Problematic Internet Use. Problematic Internet Use is a complicated issue to define, but what it breaks down to is excessive Internet use which interferes with daily life...Read More


Jim Follman of The Follman Agency Quoted by Associated Press
The shooting which took place at The Cascade Mall in Burlington in September was one of the darkest days in Skagit County and Burlington history. The pain from the horrible incident still lingers all around the city and county almost two months later...Read More


The Dangers of Halloween
There is no denying that Halloween is one of the most fun holidays on the calendar. Fun for all ages, the amount of adult Halloween parties has exploded in recent years and has actually made the holiday one of the most-challenging for drivers and pedestrians as these parties result in a large number of intoxicated motorists ending up on the road...Read More


Alcohol use on the decline with Skagit County youth, but marijuana use on the rise
However, both still remain very serious issues in the area...Read More


Uber - Skagit County
One of the problems with drinking in a rural county such as Skagit County is the lack of public transportation and taxi services available to those who leave home to drink. One of those services Skagit County lacks is an extensive Uber operation, a service which has been shown to decrease DUIs rates in areas by more
than 10 percent...Read More


Summer Driving
Nothing is better than a beautiful summer day in Skagit County. The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day is when the sun comes out, the lakes and swimming holes get warm and the nights get long...Read More


With jail overcrowding recently headlined as an issue in Skagit County, we thought it would be interesting to take a look into the role DUI arrests play in the filling of the Skagit County Jail...Read More