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Our Staff

“This is the best treatment center I've ever been in!”— C.D., A Follman client


James H. Follman PhD

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Chemical Dependency Professional
National Certified Addictions Counselor-I
National Certified Gambling Counselor-I

For over 20 years, I have had the privilege of helping clients develop the necessary skills to overcome mental health and alcohol/drug use disorders in a safe, confidential, outpatient setting.

I specialize in mental health and alcohol/drug use disorders because most clients present with more than one issue. I am state licensed to provide mental health,alcohol/drug and domestic violence treatment. I am a certified gambling counselor, with additional training in hypnotherapy, internet and sex addiction.

My approach to counseling takes into account the whole person (bio-psycho-social-spiritual) within the context of culture and relationships. I use a variety of cognitive-behavioral strategies that have been found to be effective for implementing change. Each person's therapy is individual and determined according to his or her treatment goals. I also am trained in clinical hypnosis and mindfulness meditation.

If you are experiencing problems with any or a combination of the following issues; anxiety, depression, alcohol/drug use, gambling, anger, internet addiction, sex addiction, please consider calling us and setting up a free consultation to discuss your situation.

Now taking clients for Couple/Marriage, Family, Young Adult & Individual Therapy

Judy Heinemann LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Judy is passionate about helping people improve the quality of their life, believes in people’s capacity to change and grow and work toward goals to create the life they imagine.

Judy received a Master’s degree in psychology from Antioch University in the marriage and family therapy/family systems track in 1990. She has clinically treated children, adolescents, couples and families throughout her 34 year career. Her professional experiences include working in a children’s correctional institution in the mental health classroom setting, developing and overseeing therapeutic foster care programs, mental health counseling programs, youth mentoring programs, providing co-occurring treatment to adolescents and their families in an urban Native American setting.

She has worked in very diverse communities including Tribal organizations and has held various administrative leadership positions for the past 21 years, providing both clinical and administrative supervision to other professionals. Judy maintained a part-time private practice for nearly 20 years in Seattle where she specialized in couples and family therapy.

Judy’s primary theoretical framework is family systems theory as well as, Object Relations theory and therapy. Judy’s current scope of work with the Follman Agency includes working with young adults, adults, couples and families. Judy is the mother of two adult children and a grandmother of one currently. She is an adjunct faculty member at Whatcom Community College and a NAMI Skagit Board member.

Tim McManus CDP


I have spent most of my life in Snohomish County, except for a 4 year period where I served in the Navy as a photographer. My lifelong passion has been motorcycles, until becoming a counselor which is now my passion. I had a motorcycle accident in 2003 which ended my career but allowed me to return to school to become a Chemical Dependency Professional. After being convinced by co- workers to join an online dating service, I met my soul-mate and have been living on Whidbey Island ever since.

I have studied many different forms of religion and spirituality, I incorporate these into my daily life. I believe in the healing power of laughter and attempt to include this into my counseling regimen. Having been in long-term recovery myself, my goal is help others find the Peace & Serenity that I have found.

Jay Follman

Executive Owner

One of the greatest blessings in my life was to work with my mother, Harriet Follman, in founding and building Follman agency. We started in a small office in Mount Vernon, Washington. The entire staff consisted of Mom and I. Her dedication to recovery and our community kept us motivated. With the help of many wonderful clients, staff and supporters we have been successful in providing a program which has helped many people.

Our goal is always to provide quality assistance for all who suffer. We have traveled the journey since 1987. I'm confident Mom would be proud of today's Follman Agency.We continue to offer "an Oasis in the Desert" to all who seek help. My mother welcomes all in spirit.

Kathy Follman RN MN

Business Administrator

I feel passionate about educating people to improve their lives. Many years of my nursing career have focused around education; I truly believe ‘Knowledge is Power’. It is a great feeling to see a person’s stress decrease and become successful because they understand. I feel fortunate to be in a facility that uses evidenced based medicine to bring the best information to clients.

Our goal here ‘At the Agency’ is to turn a client’s motivation from external to internal, when this happens, clients are truly successful. I bring a commitment of contributing to our community and helping individuals improve their lives.

I have lived my life in different areas of Skagit County. I feel fortunate to be able to work with my husband in helping clients learn better skills. I feel it is important the clients know we are glad they are here and how courageous they are to make that step. I value inclusion and want everyone coming through our doors to feel welcome and know that we are glad they are here.

Katie Watt BS


For 12 years as the financial specialist at Follman Agency, many come to me wondering how they will be able to pay for the help they need.

The good news is that I work with each individual by looking at applicable funding sources such as insurance carriers, Employee Assistant Programs, Tribal Affiliations, as well as State and Federal resources.

Many also ask what their personal financial responsibility entails. I set up a plan that clarifies their payment schedule. The Follman Agency is In-Network with most Insurance Carriers, which means for many clients that funds are available for services. When you come in I’ll guide you through the financial steps to obtain the treatment you require.

Susan and Granddaughter

Susan Bridgman

Client Services Representative

What’s going to happen? Whom will I see? Will they take my insurance?” When our clients first contact us, they are not sure what to expect. If that is your situation, I will come alongside and assist you in getting the answers needed.

Peggy Peterson MEd

Client Services Representative

When individuals first come here, they are often anxious, concerned and full of questions. I try to make them comfortable in navigating through the process.

Candace Smith MEd

Client Services Representative

I reassure individuals that they made the right decision to come here. I want them to know we can help them find the answer to problems they are facing.

Sharil with Grandchildren

Sharil Follman MA

Administrator, Emeritus

Sharil led Follman Agency after Harriet Follman. She guided the agency for 10 years which saw the expansion to meet new counseling needs in Skagit County. Sharil is on call to provide consulting services to Follman's management as needs arise.